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Dracula’s Fortress for Sale

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Can I Turn It Into A Timeshare?

FOR SALE: Dracula’s Castle. 57 cozy rms, courtyard, underground passages. Lovely 14th century attention to details. Built on 200 ft. tall rock overlooking picturesque village of Bran. Reportedly slept in one night by Vlad the Impaler, now a thriving museum. Furniture and art included. Short 105-mile commute to Bucharest. Blood stains, fangs, bats, and bad accents extra. Contact Archduke Dominic Habsburg at At night.

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Bran Castle, situated near Bran and in the immediate vicinity of Braşov, Romania, is a national monument and landmark.

Commonly known as Dracula’s Castle, Bran Castle was originally built as a stronghold by the Teutonic Knights in 1212. The first documentary attestation of Bran Castle is the act issued by Louis I of Hungary on November 19, 1377, giving the Saxons of Kronstadt (Braşov) the privilege to build the Citadel. The building started in 1378 as a defense against the Turks, and later became a customs post on the mountain pass between Transylvania and Wallachia. From 1920, the castle became a royal residence until the expulsion of the royal family by the Communist regime in 1948. Today it functions as a museum of medieval arts.

The fortress is situated on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia, on Highway 73. In addition to its unique architecture, the castle is famous because of persistent myths that it was once the home of Vlad the Impaler, a famous or infamous medieval warlord; however, there is no evidence that he ever lived there. According to most accounts, the Impaler spent two days in the Bran dungeon, as the area was occupied by the Ottoman Empire at the time. Because of the (disputed) connections between Vlad and the fictional character Dracula, the castle is marketed to foreign tourists as Dracula’s Castle. (more on the wiki)


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